Robbin Firth Felt Making Workshop

As this is my first ever’ blog’, I thought I would share with you my experience of a very enjoyable felt making workshop I attended with the lovely Robbin Firth, when she visited England in June.

During the one day workshop we were going to learn how to make a hat and a cowl but I must admit that my main interest in the day was the hat making. I had only made one hat before and result had, whilst being rather amusing, been an unmitigated disaster and had not endeared me to trying to make another one. However, not known for giving up, I decided Robbin’s day would be an ideal opportunity to have another go. Especially, as this time a friend had loaned me a hat block that actually resembled a head!

After creating the resist template, we all laid out our fibres and silk hankies. Silk hankies always have a habit of sticking to your fingers on hot days so it took a little while to get them to stay where I wanted them to. After wetting and setting and felting to my surprise, the result was a wearable hat!

When I got home I made a matching felt flower to attach to the hat to finish. Unfortunately,the hat block I had borrowed was slightly too small for me but was a perfect fit for my daughter who kindly modelled it for me. Not only that but I also came home with a cowl and it was lovely to see everyone else’s work. A splendid day!
To felt both items we all used the Palm washboard created by Robbin and her husband at Heartfelt silks of which I am a huge fan. It made the whole process so much quicker and cut down on rolling. l was particularly pleased with my hat. You never know, I may well make another one now I have purchased a hat block which is my size. Watch this space!